Some milestones

and curiosa

Some background

Alexander is the coach with over 10,000 hours in the conversation chair. The lecturer who inspired managers, leaders, employees and staff in the Nordic countries, Europe and especially in Sweden. In English, Swedish, Spanish. Alexander is the trainer who founded the education company  Ledarbildarna  ”The leaderbuilders” and who has developed over a thousand leaders over the past 15 years.

As a young man, I lived in Latin America and learned that the world is round, that we all have different conditions in life. That we who have – also are responsible for sharing.

  • Got out of an abuse as a 20-year-old.
  • Went on technical education, ended up in the graphic industry.
  • I became an aid worker for a few years.
  • I was educated as a journalist and a passionate storyteller.
  • Became a graphic designer.
  • Worked for many years with advertising and brand development.
  • Became CEO in advertising and a entrepreneurial company in the IT industry – failed and succeeded the hard way.
  • Inherited money from a holy man, added new knowledge of leadership development, communication.
  • Became a father and found the love of my life.
  • Got certified as an integrative coach. Learned about TA.
  • Specialized in psychology, behavioral science, language patterns amongst others.
  • Currently working as a coach, speaker and trainer.
  • On tour during 2020 with the show ”no f**king idea”; contemporary about selfleadership.
Some that I’ve worked with